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Asheville, NC


Mobile Elixir Bar and Bioregional Apothecary


Well what can we say! We spent a month down on the pacific coast of Costa Rica co-producing our largest and successful elixir bar to date in deep collaboration with the Village Witches of Envision Festival! Our journey started with months and months of preproduction stateside. Eager to plant talk and plant walk we flew down weeks before the festival and began harvesting and processing raw organic plants to integrate into our menu! Plants such as ginger and turmeric root, kefir lime leaves and fresh ground coconut milk daily made our hands humble, raw and strong by the end of the festival! Once onsite the NOHM build crew upcycled %90 of the elixir bar from scrap materials from other projects such as stages, shade structures and art displays. One man's trash is another man's treasure! Witches and wizards trickled in as finishing touches were put on the Elixir Bar, Apothecary and Lounge! Once we opened we stayed open pretty much the whole festival! The conversations, connections and libations that were had under our bamboo roof created a rich her-story of magic in the making. We are processing our experience still as we move on to the next transformational experience we have been called to participate in....more photos and memories coming soon!  

#NOHMout #PuraVida #VillageWitches #ViveLaExperiencia #ConsciousConsumption

#NOHMout #PuraVida #VillageWitches #ViveLaExperiencia #ConsciousConsumption


Lucidity is an open-source transformational arts and music festival. We call it open-source because we co-create this festival experience with YOU! We invite you to come play with us, get involved with one of our seven themed villages, call together your star family, bring art, lead a workshop, spark a spontaneous flash mob, embody a character from your dreams, be silly and wild and free! We bring together a world class lineup of musical talent and weave them together with the sounds and vibrations of our beloved local legends. Our galleries showcase the most brilliant fine art the region has to offer, enriching the festival as a visual voyage. Art installations pleasure participants with multi-sensory stimulation while themed environments create intimate settings for personal connections. Lucidity’s environmental commitment is to leave Live Oak better than before.

When we become lucid in our dreams, we realize ourselves as infinite potential, we let go of fear, and we are free to create that which we want to see in the world. Bring those visions, those possibilities, and that delicious conscious energy with you to Lucidity and wake up in the dream.


SIP Locally

You can now enjoy Goji Okay by the NOHM at all three Dobra Tea locations in the greater Asheville area!! 

Warming & divine!

A golden paste of turmeric, black pepper and coconut butter hand-crafted with a goji berry purée and melted into a coconut milk base. 


Tour schedule

Because we are mobile we have the opportunity to plug into various events and projects beyond Asheville in an efforts to bring our mission to more people. We are currently expanding our network bi-coastally and internationally.

There is always a seat for you at out bar!

Catch us next at Lucidity Festival in CA! 


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We are still in the embryonic stages of fine tuning our approach to this consumer experience. While we pop up around AVL and a handful of festivals we encourage you to check out our friends!

 We are proud to partner with ethically and creatively sound brands.