The Nohm Project

The NOHM Project is a Benefit Corporation that is grounded in tradition and elevated through innovation. Our mission is to encourage conscious consumption and conversation that is steeped in tradition. 

After several years diverting the waste stream in the event and nightlife industry it was realized that the human nutrient cycle of these industries are broken. In direct response we are building a mobile platform to weave this cycle back into balance by marrying cultural healthcare practices from around the world with new technologies and regenerative design. This blend provides an innovative strategy for empowering consumers with support and structure when making decisions with their dollar and maintaining health and wellness while in an event and/or social setting.

Currently we provide site specific and modular experiences that are unique from a bar, classroom and marketplace. We are creating a synergy of all three – a social experiment co-produced by those drawn to participate. It is in this container that the NOHM experience develops conversation and education around consumption & relationships with food, media, nature and each other. Most notably we fuel transformation via our cups by providing alternatives to mass produced foods like alcohol, chocolate, coffee, soft drinks and mixers. We alternatively offer global and bio-regional infusions, plant based sodas, coffeelixirs and herbal mylks that are underserved and sometimes misrepresented in the western world.

We take the initiative to boost bioregional economies when collaborating with events and to most importantly maintain accessibility of our offerings for those in service to the event industry via sponsorships. We too choose to passionately work within harsh environments with non-conventional schedules and questionable access to clean food and water. We provide integrative approaches to daily routines and celebration in these temporary containers in hopes that a plant or a practice of ours, which is rooted in global traditions such as folk herbalism, will be a game-changer when it comes to self care as our healthcare. 

It is in these social gathering spaces that we can thrive as one! We invite you to party with the plants and to party with a purpose!

Conscious Consumption is a guild within The NOHM Project that offers a consumer experience curated for socializing and support while in an event setting, as well as what happens on the road to get there. 

We are here to influence how you fill your cup while in an event setting. Conscious consumption is in! What’s in your cup?

Exfoliating the Ego is a guild within The NOHM Project that offers educational programming as a platform for growth. We design mobile classrooms and facilitate demos and discussions nationally within the event industry and locally in Asheville, NC. 

We collaborate annually with Medicines from the Edge and Villages Witches of Envision Festival internationally in Costa Rica.

Materia Medica is a guild within The NOHM Project that offers an ever growing list  of the plant allies we utilize in our practice. These plants show up primarily in our elixir bar and our apothecary.

Every field of study employs  its own language, words and phrases that become an integral part of engaging with the discipline. In herbalism, one such phrase is “materia medica,” which comes from Latin and literally means “healing materials.” More specifically, a materia medica is a body of knowledge that describes how plants have been used therapeutically throughout the ages. These published works span from ancient times all the way to our modern texts.

Collaborative Campaigning is a guild within The NOHM Project that offers local and national campaigns to engage the community in voting with their dollar and living in transparency with our consumption. We offer social lifestyles and practices through this guild with practical application and explanations to guide you into a healthy way of thinking and making choices.

Pineal Partnerships is a guild within The NOHM Project that offers opportunities for collaboration across product development, consumer experiences and social interactions. The NOHM is grounded in tradition and elevated through innovation. We have found that collaboration is essential to integrate our ethos while in an event setting, as well as on the road to get there.

Road Regimen is a guild within The NOHM Project that will offer an ‘Artist Residency Program’ for touring members and their families of music, art & event production. This program will include an integrative approach in supporting nutrition and hygiene practices on the road. We are currently building out our team of certified practitioners and programs.