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This was a 'party with a purpose'!


This was a 'party with a purpose'!

Jillian Ashley

Learning how to take care of yourself is a radical act in today’s world. The NOHM’s mission has been to cultivate an atmosphere of conscious consumption, where we can make healthy choices about what is fueling our bodies, and have a damn good time while doing it.

The NOHM has had a unique purpose within festival culture for the past few years, starting with a seed vision and growing into a full blown sanctuary space for herbal elixirs and medicine to be widely celebrated and shared. Yes, we are the granddaughters (and grandsons) of the witches you weren’t able to burn. And yes, we are here to cultivate our connection to the plants and serve our community so we can all collectively remember how to do that.

We had a high vibe NOHM tribe in the high desert of Taos recently at the Taos Family Jumpsuit Gathering. The NOHM showed up in full swing; elixir bar, apothecary, cuddles, and copious amounts of laughter. It was a sweet and supportive atmosphere. The desert surprisingly rained for most of the weekend, which was a blessing in its own right. However, it was nice to have a beautiful, lit up space provided by The NOHM for people to stay dry while sipping on warm botanical beverages and communing with one another. What was a seemingly uncomfortable weekend with the weather being what it was became a lot more nourishing because of the NOHM’s presence and offerings.

There was some sort of magic in the air, perhaps it was just the enchantment of the high desert of New Mexico seducing our senses. Or maybe it was the heartfelt words of Ayla Nereo when she told us to hum inside our hearts a little while. Maybe it was the lightening storms that made the sky morph into a neon, electric blue while shaking the clouds above us at dusk. Maybe it was just the way it all danced together to form the perfect kind of alchemy for our human hearts and minds to savor. Whatever it was, there was certainly a special kind of magic that got conjured up out there and the NOHM was an integral piece of the puzzle that wove that magic together.  It was not only a spectacle to be seen, but a joy to participate with this project that has grown to be what it is over the years, a true haven for our ever evolving community to bask in radical self-care and appreciation for the plant medicine that surrounds us. 

-Sarah Levine