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Alchemical Catering


Alchemy in the kitchen

For the alchemical cook, the ideal meal is a balanced blend of universal forces, each contributing its own unique signature to the menu. Alchemists referred to these basic archetypal forces as the Four Elements of creation, and they named them Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Manipulating and balancing these hidden properties is what alchemy is all about! The great Work of the alchemists was to re-balance the chaotic forces of nature expressed in base matter and gradually transform them into perfectly balanced and incorruptible substances. That purification process consists of removing excess elements and adding missing elements, but what makes alchemy so powerful is that it works simultaneously on all three levels of reality: the physical, the psychological, and the spiritual. For more information on alchemical cooking check out NewEarth.Media

LOOKING TO CATER YOUR NEXT EVENT in the asheville area?

When it comes to hosting an event of 10-50 people we got you covered! The NOHM offers a mobile catering platform that is custom to your needs as well as what whole foods are local and in season to the greater region of Appalachia.

We cater towards all food allergies and meal preferences such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten free! All of our ingredients are organic and ethically sourced farm to table.

We have catered an array of events such as:

  • Weekend Retreats
  • Burning Man Theme Camps
  • Live Music Shows and Gallery Openings
  • Private Parties and Special Occasions


alchemical food properties

There is a free tool online provided by the Alchemy Lab that we refer to when creating our menu for your event. Below are some examples of the ingredients you can find in several elixirs that we offer through our mobile bar platform.

  • Chicory [Fire +]
  • Goji Berries [Earth +++]
  • Honey [Water +++]
  • Ginger [Fire +++]
  • Nettle [Fire +++]
  • Water [Water +++]
  • Turmeric [Fire ++]

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When is your event?
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