Conscious Consumption

Elixir bar

The most accessible way to ‘NOHM out’ is by imbibing with us! We have married tradition with innovation when it comes to our dynamic menu rooted in folk tradition and global culture. Currently our elixir bar installation is available at select events bi-coastally in North America and internationally in Costa Rica. You can also find our elixirs on tap and made to order at select venues in Asheville, NC. 

Our approach is simple. We are all consumers! Even the plants consume the sun and provide us with oxygen to breath. We feel like meeting consumption where it is at by providing alternatives and enhancements to people’s experiences while in an event setting. We provide bio-regionally appropriate beverages that are non-alcoholic. We study traditional production methods and innovate them for convenience at the bar, on the go and at home. We spend hours around the cauldron formulating concentrates that can be executed in your vessel in a couple easy steps!

We choose to operate in a bar-like atmosphere because this environment is familiar to many of us. This social setting provides lubrication for us to explore conversation and consumption with you. We keep our aesthetics minimal and let the plants and our NOHMies shine behind the bar! We are all eager to meet you and work with you to find the best plant allies to support your chemistry while in these harsh environments, such as festivals. We make suggestions based on your constitution and energetic desires vs prescribing based on symptoms or serving you something that is trending in mainstream society.

bioregional apothecary

We enjoy formulating plant medicine from the bioregions we inhabit often. Our apothecary consists of folk remedies, energetic oxymels, aromatherapy and topicals. We employ an integrative approach when it comes to making suggestions and recommendations. We do not prescribe. Rather we explore people’s constitutions, diets and lifestyles in efforts to get to the root of your symptoms. Our team of certified nutritionists, practitioners and herbalists are available to journey with you to regulate the party inside of you! 

We ethically harvest, grow and source our ingredients. We start local and move out regionally and then nationally when it comes to plants we simply cannot find or grow in Appalachia, such as coconuts! This bioregional limitation actually encourages us to collaborate with like minded brands and persons who are mastering processes and plants outside of our scope. 

We are proud to be in divine collaboration regularly with these ethically sound brands: Essential Oil Wizardry, Blue Ridge Hemp Co., Infinite Light Within and Spectrum Nectars

alchemical catering

What is the Asheville Conscious Family Dinner?

The NOHM AVL Conscious Family Dinner is a series of educational dining experiences in the Greater AVL area. This experience is curated for the LOCAL community each season. We invite visionaries in complementary fields of farming, food service, herbalism and education to the drawing board to collaborate each season. Join us at the table for a night that stimulates the cells and cerebrum through connection and consumption.

How does this event exemplify our core values?

  • Herbalism and education:
      • Education is a primary focus of this event. By curating this event thematically each season we are facilitating a deep exploration of global cultures whilst activating all the senses within our very own community. We invite local folks in the field studying  these plants and traditions to share their findings and passions with us so we may learn and generate fire for conversation and consumption over dinner.
      • The lifestyle of embodying herbalism in the south is a natural foundation for how we make this work. Living in Appalachia and exploring the biodiverse abundance of this land inspires a holistic approach to criteria of education and fine dining.
      • This exposure to tradition and process of our world through food is how we thrive in connecting the community.
  • Protection of native and medicinal plants:
      • Our curation of the theme is based around cultural cuisine and traditional methods of preparation from around the world. We give these themes an appalachian twist by sourcing and harvesting what is found seasonally wild and farmed locally. We make appropriate choices to innovate cultural dishes while upholding ethics that protect local flora and fauna. This guides conversation contrasting industrial agriculture to that of regenerative permaculture. Through our educational programming we include materia medica, conscious harvesting practices, and traditional production methods to ensure a level of awareness and reverence for the earth is upheld. These potent experiences help guests to not only expand their knowledge but integrate the methods into their families as well as their respective communities.
  • Stewardship:
      • Seasonally over the past year we have rotated our event location amongst historical landmarks. With as much expansion as we are witnessing daily in this frequently traversed mountain town it is essential to maintain awareness and reverence for the traditions of folk herbalism and homesteading. As a part of our educational programming we invite current stewards of these locations on plant walks and discussions to share the rich history and wonders of the land. In these mountains folks just “feel it”. It is valuable to hear stories that are often reaffirming and to put our impact into perspective.
  • Organic and sustainable agriculture:
    • Sourcing for our menu is the true artistry of this event. We begin our event with a mocktail hour, featuring a tonic of the culture we are focusing on for the evening. This introduction into the evening often provides social lubrication and a time for our community to reconnect with each other in a familiar setting with an herbal libation in hand. Mixologists from our elixir bar have the opportunity to formulate these tonics with an Appalachian twist while maintaining traditional preparations. Our menu is handled in a similar fashion. We open up conversation to our farming and foraging community to source as local, quality and in season as possible. We have the opportunity at this stage to build stronger relations with the hands and hearts behind our food. We are striving to get our sourcing %100 local however we are open to compromise as cultures we choose often have an ingredient that doesn’t grow here locally, such as coconuts. When faced with this challenge we see it as an opportunity for growth where we learn something new and forge a new relationship with another ethical company out there who can supply us with a product or plant that meets our standards. We collaborate with like minded persons and brands who employ levels of biodynamic, regenerative and permaculture growing practices, as well as innovative and traditional stewardship of waste and water.

What have we learned:

Looking back at this past year of CFD’s it is apparent to us that academia has its places outside of the traditional classroom. Weaving education into the production and execution of this event is the gift that we have to empower our community. Support and response from our guests and collaborators has influenced us to continue producing this event on a seasonal basis so that we may expand our local network and continue learning more about each other. Asset mapping is a tool we would like to start employing so that we can track the skills and resources of our town and support our local economy not only within this event but beyond that city wide.