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"This salve has changed my relationship to pain. By using it daily and spending time massaging this into my injured areas (chronic sacral/back pain disk and muscle related), I have experienced a significant reduction in pain. For the first time in five years, I am having pain free nights if applied before bed. After two months of use, I am experiencing some of the first weeks without the need of anything but a pea sized about of the Sore Loser applied topically.  Arnica and ibuprofen do not have anywhere near this much fact, they were useless in comparison. I am hoping that this product will be widely available because I would recommend it to family and friends for all their aches and pains related to muscle, tissue, and joint pain."

Carrie Ann Baade, Associate Professor
Department of Art
College of Fine Arts
Florida State University


"Deliciousness came in the mail today in the form of a paste ~ the base of one of NOHM's signature drinks, the Goji Okay. I couldn't wait to get home and mix it up and sip to delight....but first, I offered some to the laughing Buddha to remind myself not to take life too seriously...he chuckled at my offer, and proceeded to thank me for nourishing his big, beautiful belly. After my offering, i took a sip myself. The goji pretty much exploded with rich flavor in my mouth. I could taste the seeds and the smooth texture of the inside of these little berries painting my tongue with antioxidant rich, sweet frothy nectar. Thank you to my mixologist sister who inspires my senses continually,. Keep mixin' that magic. The Buddha wants seconds!"


Salix Roots
Writer and Plant Talker
Sante Fe, New Mexico