Core Team

For the last decade, Jill TrAshley has been spearheading efforts toward more efficient and responsible waste streams in the festival industry within the United States and internationally in Costa Rica. Engaging in creative pursuits and empowering initiatives like #ElixirsasMixers through The NOHM Project, the #EndSingleUse campaign pioneered by Lucidity Festival, and the Envision Festival #CompostCrashCourse via Facebook, TrAshley focuses on collaboration and cooperative action, employing this righteous alliance in a myriad of endeavors.

Currently TrAshley is working full time on The NOHM Project, which was birthed in 2015 in efforts to bring more conversation and consumption into awareness while in an event setting. When choosing a business status she incorporated The NOHM Project as a Benefit Corporation in efforts to keep transparency and integrity alive when it comes to The NOHM’s business practices from the ground up. This transient project is based in Asheville, NC.

Join Jill TrAshley on the road and in the greater Asheville area as she takes a deep dive in building a zero waste environment while leading a new discussion on waste streams, conscious consumption, and how you can help transform the norm by taking the conversation home with you.

I am in service to the alchemical vapour of dreams. At 29 years of youthful age, I actively seek to materialize these dreams of a more colorful and harmonious world into being. The nature of the NOHM has provided a fitting platform for my myriad talents and interests to find more deeply rooted purpose and deeper fulfillment of my expressions. A Jack of All Trades, and master of none, to me is more vital than a master of one! Shapeshifting my expression of service to fit the needs of the collective or project at hand has allowed for me to connect to these collaborative visions on many levels. This provides insight on how to connect and communicate clearly the needs of my team and lead by example. My overarching goal is to catalyze, to inspire others to empower themselves to realize their authentic expression and deeper potential.
You may find me telling stories through many mediums and services. Painting large murals or small canvases. In the movement of animation and illustration. Through poetry and words, or in the design and creative guidance of intentional spaces. Or perhaps in a freshly prepared cup of tea. This world is a rainbow of wonder, and I wish my response to it be expressed with mutual color and diversity. 
So let’s dream it. Let’s build it, but first… let’s have some tea!  Cheers! 

Violet Julia aka “VioLet Go” specializes in Creative Movement Facilitation, Health Education, Herbalism, Yoga, Integrative Massage, Vibrational Therapy, Visual and Performance Art. 

She devotes her life to the celebration of embodiment, through a myriad of healing techniques, integrated to nourish the whole self. Through dance, plants, energy medicine, and bodywork (Embodywork), she encourages all to call upon the wisdom of our intuition. To support growth, remain balanced, present, and dedicated to our vital mission.

The wholesome harmony of well being provides Violet with the impetus to continue gathering tools of vibrational and hands-on healing modalities. With a thorough understanding of energetic anatomy, she creates space for others to integrate and open up communication between the many layers of being including their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Violet’s faith in our innate ability to connect with the intelligence that brings homeostasis welcomes miraculous transformation.

Her practice includes Craniosacral, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, ACE Cupping, Visceral Manipulation, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Somato Respiratory Integration, Shamanic Breathwork, Usui Reiki, Chi Gong, Yoga and Meditation. Sessions are custom crafted to promote revival, relaxation, and a deeper sense of healing awareness.

Eden May is a woman with a strong adoration for the natural world and plant life. Growing up in the foothills of the Appalachians and then migrating to Southeastern Appalachia has shaped her into a blossoming herbalist, gardener and budding homesteader. Being deeply involved in the botanical, permaculture and earth skills communities, she has learned from a range of teachers over the past 7 years. She is currently a student with Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and a graduate of Warren Wilson College where she studied environmental chemistry.

Eden has been working and collaborating with The NOHM Project since 2016. She has been involved by bartending, elixir brewing, contributing medicine to the apothecary and managing back of house systems. She has helped manage several large events including Oregon Eclipse Gathering and Envision festival. She enjoys helping people find the plant allies they need for holistic health.

Through The NOHM portal, Eden will be offering phone or in-person consultations (if you live in the Asheville, NC area). Her specialties include preventative medicine, stress management, immune health and emotional well-being. She currently offers consultations by sliding scale donation (suggested donation of 14-25$ per hour). Feel free to email her with any inquiries.

Apollo Wilson is a Regenerative Community Developer with a mission to seed Permaculture designed Ecovillages throughout urban areas. Inspired by sociocracy & sparking change in society, Apollo is partnering with ReGenesis Community Development Agency to bring Low-Impact Development into the heart of Asheville. Driven by the passion to integrate cities with regenerative & connective living, Apollo aims to help pave a path where the evolution of cities weaves in connection with Nature.

Apollo has been in collaboration with The NOHM since 2017, serving as a builder, elixir bar barback, and team videographer. Joining the team at many festivals, Apollo believes in The NOHM’s vision to shift party practices and encourage conscious consumption both at these events and at home. As the platform and project continue to grow, Apollo plans to remain a pillar of support by utilizing the resources of his bioregion. He believes in the power of engaging local communities & is excited to work with the many medicines of Appalachia.