Environmental Installations

It is apparent to us that academia has its places outside of the traditional classroom. Weaving educational opportunities into the production and offerings of our project is the gift that we have to empower our community. In the event industry we design temporary classrooms and gathering spaces for a myriad of workshops and certification programs to take place in. Currently we are in divine collaboration with the Village Witches of Envision Festival in Costa Rica and Lucidity Festival in California. This focus on temporary place making was seeded in past environmental installations Jill TrAshley has had the pleasure of designing; including the Permaculture Action Hub during the Polish Ambassador’s Permaculture Action Tour in 2015 at select festivals in North America as well as the NuMundo Networking Center in 2015 and 2016 at Envision Festival in Costa Rica. 

We are looking to expand our classroom size and locations to more events in 2019 in collaboration with Gregg Fleishman Art. Together we have designed a mobile zero waste structure that can house all of our offerings, while maintaining a kinder impact on the earth as we travel.

skill shares

We have curated a series of learning opportunities within our core team and will be releasing dates for where and when you can join us!

Oral Skills for Ingesting Extracts (1 HR) – In Jill TrAshley’s skill share she focus on menstrums as “vehicles.” Her goal is to reprogram our conventional perception of medicine consumption, via a pill, with a familiar understanding of the variety of extracts we can easily make at home on a daily basis. She believes that oral skills and reverence for herbal medicine can provide empowerment toward our daily routine. In this skill share she will explore the differences and processes around basic and traditional extractions; focusing on water, honey, vinegar, oil and alcohol. She will have medicine in process and finished products for folks to see, smell and sample. There will also be a focus on bio regionally appropriate medicine making, encouraging participants to learn more about where they live and what is available in their yard and in their natural surroundings.

  • This is an interactive skill share where you will develop oral skills such as swooshing, blowing, smacking, nectar pressing and a combination of all for a sensurotic experience.

Conscious Consumption, Exfoliating the Ego (1hr-1.5hr) – In Jill TrAshley’s workshop she explores the energetic and physical properties of the CUP. She does this by taking you on a journey through a brief history of religion, pagan ritual and witchcraft; tying all beliefs together with the sacred chalice, cup, vessel. This is a guided discussion on how we can fill our cup and maintain that flow, as well as what happens when our cups runneth dry. Together we explore daily cup filling moments we can employ to refill it. We then integrate this discussion into the physical by exploring mass consumption and waste diversion in modern day North America, bringing awareness back to the cups we choose to drink out of. Her intention is to empower participants to see the value in their cups as not only vehicles for energy, both physical and spiritual, but to understand the significance of the cup as an extension of ourselves. What does your cup look like? What stickers, gems and elements are represented in your version of your cup? Let’s vision that and end single use in the process as a group.

  • This is an interactive workshop where we will vision our ideal vessel and create a meal for our skin using typical food waste and seasonings from the kitchen.

Violet welcomes authentic expression as a facilitator of artistic, and therapeutic movement. She offers a bountiful buffet of dance flavors including various forms of belly dance, hints of hip hop, modern, jazz, ballet and continues to taste and integrate many fine art forms from around the world into her practice. With the foundation of yogic principles and qi gong, her intention shares these practices as nourishment to feed the hunger that heals, celebrate creative embodiment and connect to our natural rhythms. Whether developing choreography, improvising, or simply warming up, Violet believes our motion holds the power to unwind trauma, process emotions, channel prayer, manifest our reality, and ignite our intuition to bring greater harmony.

Classes, Workshops:

  • Choreo Drillz
  • Inspire Improv
  • Dance in Resonance
  • Tribal Fusion: Fitness, Technique Levels 1-3
  • Contemporary: Cardio/Technique
  • Conditioning: Hatha Yoga, Pilates
  • Private Lessons

Live Streams

Not on tour but still want to pick up some tips and tricks? Tip your hat to our Village Witches of Envision Festival and our NOHMies of The South! 

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