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Pineal Partners


The NOHM is grounded in tradition and elevated through innovation. We have found that collaboration is essential to integrate our mission into products, experiences and social interactions.

We proudly support and collaborate with brands, events and organizations that maintain wholesome values and ethics at their core.   



Wanderite is an eco-friendly, sweatshop-free screen print design studio. All designs are illustrated by hand by founder and Chief Vibes Officer, Lorrin Webb.

"Living simply, in harmony with others and the environment, is of the greatest value to me. In my little corner of the cosmos, living simply means promoting well being by way of the things I create.

Anyone can see the havoc wreaked on our planet..."


envision festival

Envision a mix of conscious people from around the globe gathered to share an elevated experience of culture, spirit and community in stunning raw nature! With the collaboration of myriad talented allies, both local and international, we aim to co-create an event inspired by and inspiring the positive collective consciousness of all who are involved for the betterment of ourselves and of the planet.

"By bringing people together through music, art and sacred movement in one of the most gorgeous natural settings on the planet we..."


living arts foundation

The Living Arts Foundation is a non-profit community center focused on arts and sustainable ecology. We are located in Candler, NC which is just a few minutes from downtown Asheville.

"We develop programs and initiatives that bring our local bio-region together for collaborative projects, co-promotion and conscious events. Our focus is on bringing arts and culture to children and adults within our community to help them engage with each other and with our planet in sustainable, productive ways..."


dobra tea

Dobra tea house is an iconic cultural fixture in Asheville, NC.

"Dobra ethically sources teas and other offerings both locally as well as from around the world. We host events that benefit our community and offer tranquil space in multiple locations in western North Carolina..."







We connect people to transformational travel experiences.

"We're building a database of eco-villages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers. We are a network of individuals dedicated to the development of our planet and the life it sustains through the creation of consciousness-transforming, healing projects and centers around the globe..."


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Vital leaf

Infusing vitality into the world, it’s what we do.

"Vital Leaf™ is a purpose-driven CBD wellness company based in Portland, Oregon that infuses the healing potential of the cannabis sativa plant into our products. We take a Plant Forward CBD™ approach to formulating all our products. We source only the finest organic, fair trade, regenerative, and ethically sourced ingredients to ensure that our products are of the highest quality while simultaneously stewarding positive change to the environment and communities we interact with...."



essential oil wizardry

At Essential Oil Wizardry, we enjoy resourcing all pure essential oils and CO2 extracts from all over the world.

"We are happy and willing to invest more resources for a considerably finer quality product. Whenever possible, we select certified organic or wild-crafted extractions..."



Empowering ourselves to take care of each other.

"Harmonia formed to address a critical issue within the festival cutlure: the need for a safe decompression space for individuals undergoing difficult emotional experiences. We provide a safe and ambient environment where individuals can be brought to decompress within the event but without disturbing experiences of others within the event, and vice versa. Our staff utilizes harm reduction principles of non-judgment and..."