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In North America, the honeybee we know today was an import, brought with European settlers in the 17th century. The settlers who brought the bee here clearly understood her value. Yet at some point American culture came to doubt the medicinal quality of honey. Despite our forgetfulness here in the West, the worldwide use of honey as medicine has continued uninterrupted since ancient times.

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An infused honey is the fusion of honey and plant matter. You can consume it as medicine from a spoon, smear it on toast, drizzle over cereal or ice cream, or add it to tea or tincture.

The "Root Down" is a blend of nature's finest and familiar. We batch infuse using a slow and cold method. Later, when the plant matter is extracted, we are left with a vibrant orange syrup that can be shaken with spring water and served iced or hot.


  • Local, raw and unpasteurized honey
  • Local and fresh minced ginger
  • Indian turmeric root powder
  • Costa Rican black peppercorn 
  • Lemon zest

Key Notes

  • Grounding
  • Anti: microbial, allergenic, inflammatory
  • Sinus and cold relief
  • Blood builder and circulation support
  • Natural mood enhancement