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The NOHM Elixir Bar at Resonate Asheville

Welcome to RESONATE Asheville’s 3rd annual event! 

When: October 1st and 2nd, 2016
Saturday, 10am-10pm, Sunday 11am-8pm
Where: YMI Cultural Center - 39 Market St. Asheville, NC

RESONATE creates a unique annual event located in urban Asheville, NC based in vibrational wisdom and alternative healing modalities, such as SOUND. Through the direct experience from inspired movement to deepening meditation, we offer creative environments for consciousness exploration. 

Our goal is to inspire transformation from the inside out. From physics to philosophy, from song to dance, our mission is to create connections of synergy that inspire You to live joyfully from embodied wellness, through informed science and cutting edge applications of ancient wisdom for a more balanced and transformed future.  

Join us this year, on Eagle Street from Biltmore to Market, at the historic YMI building, THE BLOCK off Biltmore, Asheville Salt Cave and Skinny Beats Drums for a Full Weekend (21 hrs) of programming.  

At this event you will find: 
World Soul Music and Creative Ecstatic Dances
Alchemy Sound Healing and Potent Toning
Sacred Geometry Philosophy, Science and Cymatics
Changing States from Negative to Positive