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Mobile Elixir Bar and Bioregional Apothecary

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The NOHM Elixir Bar at the Official After Party, Resonate Asheville

I,star is closing out RESONATE Asheville's festival with a guest apprearance AFTERPARTY pop-up set at THE BLOCK off biltmore! Join us from just following closing ceremonies, at 8:30pm-10pm Sunday night and cap the festival off with some local grooves. 

Sliding scale $8-15
8pm doors, 8:30pm start

Learn more about the full festival @

About the band:
From the heart of Appalachia, I,Star rises… Encompassing a core fusion of husband-wife duo, MC/poet Truth-I Manifest’s potent lyrical flow, and singer/songwriter Aradhana Silvermoon’s angelic melodies- with a stellar band of multi-instrumentalists’ profoundly funky prowess- I,Star’s performances are a dynamic interplay of hard-hitting poetics weaving between evocative refrains, building to harmonies in the hooks. Their wholly original “folk-hop” carriage bears powerful and relevant commentary on personal and global spiritual transformation, stewardship of the Earth, social justice, and visionary love. With soundscapes ranging from simplicity in Aradhana’s acoustic guitar to the complex layers of the band, I,Star inspires listeners to groove deeply and journey into their rich imagery. Displaying wide, genre-crossing versatility with influences of funk, world, reggae, rock, and electronic styles to accent their folk-hop essence, I,Star’s music has broad appeal to lovers of many flavors. In the constellation of progressive musical offerings, these luminaries shine brightly.