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Mobile Elixir Bar and Bioregional Apothecary

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The NOHM Elixir Bar and Apothecary at Envision Festival

The NOHM is collaborating with the Village Witches of Envision to create a container for conscious consumption and conversation.

The intent of the Village Witches (VW) is to provide a web of healing services, educational opportunities, choices for conscious consumption and grounded spiritual connection. The VW is dedicated to creating an integrated experience for the population of Envision to find wellness and inspiration for healing on a personal, communal, and global scale.

The Elixir Bar offers nonalcoholic, traditionally inspired herbal cocktails made from ethically sourced, organic ingredients from Costa Rica and other parts of the Americas. As an alternative to unhealthy party practices, the VW strives to create lasting connections among festival participants through mindfully crafted libations.