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Mobile Elixir Bar and Bioregional Apothecary

the NOHM Elixir Bar and Apothecary at Lucidity Festival

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the NOHM Elixir Bar and Apothecary at Lucidity Festival

  • Lucidity Festival Live Oak Road Santa Ynez, CA, 93460 United States (map)

Join us for the final installment of Lucidity's 6 year story! You can find our Elixir Bar inside of the Lucid University during course week and during the festival!

We understand that every great cycle must come to its eventual conclusion. Luckily, the final chapter of this tale has a bright and exuberant ending! Eudaimonia means “having a good indwelling spirit,” and as it signals a communal happiness rooted in the virtues of interconnected awakened individuals, it is the culmination of all we’ve been striving for. Our expanded family is overflowing with optimistic yet grounded utopian joy that has risen through many long years of searching, contemplating, delving, climbing, and centering. As we enter this golden age of human flourishing, we give massive gratitude for the guides who have shown us the path, for our children who reminded us to laugh and play, for our brothers and sisters who walk beside us, for our ancestors who teach us the way, and for our higher selves who shine light through our being! Nothing dies, nothing is created. Energy simply changes frequency and form. Together as one tribe, one nation, one family, one community, one humanity, one universe, one consciousness, we shift to the light and live in love forever. And for those who remain in slumber, the cycle returns to where it began, as all signs and omens nudge you to Awake in Your Dreams.